Green sleeves(绿袖子)


我思断肠,伊人不臧。Alas my love, you do me wrong

弃我远去,抑郁难当。 To cast me off discourteously

我心相属,日久月长。I have loved you all so long

与卿相依,地老天荒。Delighting in your company

绿袖招兮,我心欢朗。Greensleeves was all my joy

绿袖飘兮,我心痴狂。Greensleeves was my delight

绿袖摇兮,我心流光。Greensleeves was my heart of gold

绿袖永兮,非我新娘。And who but my Lady Greensleeves

我即相偎,柔荑纤香。I have been ready at your hand

我自相许,舍身何妨。To grant whatever you would crave

欲求永年,此生归偿。I have both waged life and land

回首欢爱,四顾茫茫。Your love and good will for to have

伊人隔尘,我亦无望。Thou couldst desire no earthly thing

彼端箜篌,渐疏渐响。But still thou hadst it readily

人既永绝,心自飘霜。Thy music still to play and sing

斥欢斥爱,绿袖无常。And yet thou wouldst not love me

绿袖去矣,付与流觞。Greensleeves now farewell adieu

我燃心香,寄语上苍。God I pray to prosper thee

我心犹炽,不灭不伤。For I am still thy lover true

伫立垅间,待伊归乡。Come once again and love me

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